Support for children and young people

Visit the Healthier Together website for more information on caring for children and young people.

Children’s mental health

Good mental health allows us to cope with life’s ups and downs. If school is rubbish, you’re trying to figure out who you are and parents are stressing you out... then why wouldn’t you feel down about the world? But that’s really hard if it means you feel bad about yourself, lose confidence and can’t bounce back.


North East Hampshire & Farnham

Youth counselling

Talking Therapies for 12 - 24 year olds

Farnborough Young Person's Safe Haven 

Farnboroughs Young Person's Safe Haven is for those aged 10 to 17: 

Hampshire Youth Access 
Hampshire Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
Surrey Heath

Surrey Heath Children & Young Persons Safe Haven
Children and Young Persons Safe Haven
Mindsight Surrey Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS)
Bracknell, Slough, Windsor, Ascot & Maidenhead You can also watch the East Berkshire CYP mental health and emotional wellbeing services overview (Jan 2023) video below.

Mental Health Crisis Helpline

  • For urgent help with your mental health call the crisis helpline on 0800 915 4644 (24 hours a day, every day)

Mental health service coping guides

It can be a struggle to know which services to turn to when in need. 

So we have put together a list of local and national coping guides to help children and young people know which local services to go to for their mental health. 

What our coping guides offer

The guides list some of the best reliable and free sources of information and advice to help children and young people and their families to cope with life under lockdown and beyond.

The young person’s guide contains lots of useful self-help apps and websites and a range of resources, including local and national services to support young people with their mental health.

You can find the coping guides here on the Frimley Health and Care website.