Our draft strategy

By having ongoing, open and honest conversations with the people and communities that access health and care services across the Frimley geography we are better able to design, adapt and improve them to meet need. 

We have a shared ambition and collective drive to work in partnership with local people, communities, and staff to improve the health and wellbeing of every person.

Put simply, we want every person across Frimley Health and Care to live their lives to their fullest potential. To effect this degree of change requires a radically different relationship between organisations and local people. It will not, and cannot, be achieved by simply continuing to do what we have always done. It will require us to create new ways of working, to work flexibly, to invest in models of delivery, and to be brave enough to actively target resources to where we can make the biggest difference for local people.

The draft strategy for NHS Frimley has been built upon insights and experience across the system and engagement with key groups, communities, local people and staff but it is still being developed and evolving.

We want to hear your views, experiences and any concerns, to help us to continue to shape our approach. The draft strategy can be viewed in more detail, with supporting information around the new integrated care structure, by visiting it’s bespoke page on our Insights and Involvement Portal HERE.